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What is the VAT calculator? and how it works?

In Peru, the General Sales Tax (IGV) is a crucial component in the tax system, applying to most commercial transactions. With a standard tax rate of 18%, accurate VAT calculation is essential for businesses and consumers. This is where the “IGV Calculator” becomes an invaluable tool, simplifying and automating the process of calculating this tax.

Detailed Functionality of the Peru IGV Calculator

  1. Entering the Base Amount : The first step involves entering the value of the good or service without VAT. This base amount is the starting point for all calculations.
  2. Automated VAT Calculation : The calculator automatically applies the 18% rate to the base amount, providing the exact value of the tax to be paid. This feature eliminates manual errors and saves significant time.
  3. Determination of the Total Amount : Finally, the calculator adds the VAT to the base amount, offering the total amount that includes the tax. This is the final price that the consumer will pay.

For reverse situations, where the total amount is known and the base amount needs to be calculated, the calculator uses the formula: Base Amount = Total Amount / 1.18. This calculation is especially useful for accounting and financial analysis.

Key Benefits of the VAT Calculator

  • Accuracy in Calculations : Guarantees accurate calculations, essential for the correct declaration and payment of taxes.
  • Efficiency in Tax Management : Optimizes the time and resources dedicated to calculating taxes, allowing companies to focus on other critical areas.
  • Tax Compliance : Facilitates compliance with SUNAT tax regulations, reducing the risk of penalties for errors in calculations.

How to calculate with VAT Calculator

  • Know the VAT Rate: Find out the VAT percentage.
  • Original Price: Start with the base price of the item.
  • Calculate VAT: Multiply the original price by the VAT rate divided by 100.
  • Total Price: Add the VAT to the original price to get the total price.
  • Removing VAT: If the price includes VAT, divide by 1 plus the VAT rate divided by 100 to find the original price.


For a €100 item with a 20% VAT:

  • VAT: 100×0.20=€20100×0.20=€20
  • Total Price: 100+20=€120100+20=€120
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Formulas to calculate VAT

Formulas to calculate VAT

Formula to Calculate VAT
VAT = Base Amount * VAT Rate

For example, if the VAT rate is 18% (0.18) and the base amount is $100

VAT = $100 * 0.18

VAT = $18
In this case, the total amount including VAT would be

Total Amount = Base Amount + VAT
Total Amount = $100 + $18

Total Amount = $118

Conclusion and Call to Action

The VAT calculator is an essential tool for correct tax and commercial management in Peru. Its use facilitates compliance with tax obligations and contributes to greater efficiency and transparency in commercial transactions. For more information and access to VAT calculation tools, visit the aforementioned online resources and make sure you are up to date with the latest SUNAT tax regulations. The correct use of the VAT calculator is a fundamental step towards more efficient and responsible business and personal management in Peru.

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